About Credor

The Creativity of Artisans

Elegant watches created
with Japanese aesthetics
by skilled artisans

The name Credor is derived from the French "crête d’or," meaning pinnacle of gold.
Quality Credor wrist watches combine technical brilliance with stunning design aesthetics.
The Credor crest is modeled on the Japanese characters for pinnacle and mountain,
adorned with three stars stretching to the heavens.

With its gentle curves that suggest the natural softness and richness of gold,
the logo is topped by three stars, each with its own special significance.

  • Sensibility

    Stunning and innovative designs rooted in the Japanese aesthetic sensibility predicated on intricacy, precision and attention to detail.

  • Technical skill

    Meticulously intricate timepieces that represent the most advanced cutting-edge technical standards of design and manufacturing.

  • Performance

    Maintaining the craftsmanship and watchmaking skills cultivated by Seiko over more than 130 years.