Service and support

All Credor products are backed by our comprehensive after-sales service and support system.

A Credor timepiece lasts a lifetime.

At Credor, we see your purchase of a Credor product as the start of our journey together.
Having chosen Credor, you now have access to our comprehensive after-sales service and support system for total peace of mind, with a dedicated Service Studio to help ensure that your new timepiece provides many years of reliable service.
Our team of service technicians offers a range of after-sales procedures including adjustment and calibration, parts replacement, and external finishing.

So much is revealed when you open the back case
of a Credor watch.

Your watch operates day in, day out, from the moment of purchase. Over time, this can result in wear and tear, rust and minor defects that are not noticeable during everyday use.
The rigorous maintenance regime at Credor comprises a series of processes designed to ensure that even the most minor issues are identified and addressed once we open up your watch for inspection.
This is why even a simple battery replacement may take slightly longer than anticipated.
A Service Studio takes the utmost care with each and every service job, in order to ensure many years of reliable operation.

Credor Service Studio

At Credor, we believe that one of the key requirements of a watch is reliability over the long term.
A Credor Service Studio is the embodiment of this basic principle.
Credor mechanical watches are accurate to the micron level, which is equivalent if not superior to quartz timepieces. This is made possible by our team of highly skilled technicians who manually perform all service and repair work.
The process of dissembling, cleaning, repairing and reassembling a watch can be just as time-consuming as manufacturing the watch in the first place.
At a Credor Service Studio, service and repair work is performed by our highly skilled team of dedicated maintenance technicians.
Their work is governed by the following three principles.

  1. 1. Service and repair jobs are performed to the highest standard by dedicated maintenance technicians
  2. 2. Upon completion, the client is provided with a job report detailing all issues identified and work performed
  3. 3. Details of service and repair jobs are logged in the database for future reference
  • Servicing and repairs by skilled maintenance technicians Servicing and repairs by skilled maintenance technicians
    Servicing and repairs by skilled maintenance technicians
    Over 80% of our maintenance technicians at Credor Service Studio are qualified as First Class Certified Watch Repair Technicians under the Japanese government certification scheme. Our team also includes several past winners of the Japan Watch Repair Technical Skill Championships.
  • Expert repairs using genuine parts Expert repairs using genuine parts
    Expert repairs using genuine parts
    Relax in the knowledge that your Credor watch is in the care of experts backed by the finest technology.
    A Credor Service Studio keeps longstanding stock of all genuine parts to enable repairs at any time.
    The job report sets out details of issues identified and work performed.
  • Integrated tracking system Integrated tracking system
    Integrated tracking system
    Starting from your initial purchase, our integrated tracking system logs all servicing and repair work to provide us with a full understanding of your watch so that we can attend promptly to any issue that arises.