This watch is not water-resistant.

Do not allow water or water vapor to enter the watch.

In order to achieve the complete purity of the chime sound, the watch has a non-water resistant design so that absolute silence of the whole movement is realized.

Refrain from using the watch in a condition that the watch is exposed to high humidity, for example, at times of heavy sweating or when wearing gloves.

Store the watch in a dry place.

If the inner surface of the glass is clouded with condensation for a long time, consult the retailer from whom the watch was purchased or SEIKO CUSTOMER SERVICE CENTER.


caution_b WARNING

Waterproof warning (blue)

Do not use the watch in scuba diving or saturation diving.

The various tightened inspections under simulated harsh environment, which are usually required for watches designed for scuba diving or saturation diving, have not been conducted. For diving, use watches specifically designed for diving.

caution_b CAUTION

Waterproof attention_1_1_1_1 (blue)

Do not turn or pull out the crown when the watch is wet.

Water may get inside of the watch.

Waterproof attention_2_1_1_1 (blue)

Do not leave moisture, sweat and dirt on the watch for a long time.

Keep your watch clean. Wipe off moisture and sweat with a soft cloth.