“Sonnerie” mechanism

This watch features the “sonnerie” mechanism, which is powered by its own separate mainspring. The mechanism has an hour striking function that automatically announces the current time by chiming the preset number of times on the hour.

The mechanism has been constructed based on a typical Japanese hanging bell sound that produces a lingering sound, which creates a feeling of a natural flow of time and space.

The hour striking function can be set to one of three different modes; the “SONNERIE” mode which strikes the number of hours every hour on the hour, the “ORIGINAL” mode which strikes three times every three hours at 12:00, 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00, and the “SILENCE” mode which mutes the chime sound when it is inappropriate.

The hour repeating function which announces the current hour by chiming the number of hours can be activated at any time you wish to hear the delightful bell sound.


The automatic chiming of the hour striking function is powered by mechanical movement. It may start chiming slightly ahead or behind the correct time.

Characteristics of spring drive

This watch features“ Spring drive”, the unique mechanism made available only by SEIKO technology.

The Spring Drive watch ensures quartz accuracy while using the mainspring as its sole power source.

The glide-motion seconds hand moves in a perfectly smooth movement.


Spring Drive works by the power provided by the mainspring. Remember to check the power reserve indicator and keep the mainspring of the watch sufficiently wound while using the watch.
Power reserve indicator

Under a low-temperature condition (below 0°C), the watch may stop when the power reserve indicator shows less than one-fourth of the power reserve.
In such a case, turn the crown to wind the mainspring.